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Thread: HCG Diet Recipes

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    Default HCG Diet Recipes

    All of my friends seem to be doing the HCG diet and the food seems pretty boring and bland to me. Does anybody have any tips for me regarding this diet or any recipes that I could try?

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    hi there! i did this diet. It made me want to kill myself!

    It is bland and boring. There isn't much you can do to make it any better unfortunately. It very restricted even down to the herbs and spices that you are allowed to use. Besides adding some lemon juice to fish, you are kind of out of luck.

    when my brother did it, he often would just eat steak and onion cooked in a curry powder.

    I had a friend in la who would stew asparagus and add chicken and curry powder and said that was quite nice.

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    The basic diet for weight gain that should contain nutritious, high calorie foods, carbohydrate is also essential part for the weight gain, The diet for the carbohydrate meal bread, potatoes, brown rice, pasta, couscous,fresh and dried fruit...

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