Grilled Lettuce

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Lettuce on the grill. Simple yet awesome. This is a very simple recipe that has worked for me in settings ranging from Man Salad to upscale multi course presentations. It hasn't failed to spark conversations yet. I have tried variations with other spices and herbs including oil with: 1) cilantro and lime, 2)rosemary and lemon, 3)garlic and pepper, and 4)balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper.
Only #4 was worth repeating. The challenge is that the cooking period is so brief that little infusion of flavor can occur, so spices must not overtake the lettuce, and liquids taste almost exactly the same as they do were you to bite into the fruit/veg itself. Anyone finding successful modifications please let me know.

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Difficulty: easy


Olive oil


Slice romaine heads in half lengthwise, cut halves in half lengthwise. This leaves quarter heads of lettuce that are as long as the head with 2 flat (cut) sides.
Heat grill to medium high (~350F)
Brush cut sides with olive oil.
Sprinkle on as much salt and pepper as desired, keeping in mind that some will fall off while cooking.
Place 1/4 heads on grill for 2 mins, roll 90 degrees to other cut side, cook additional 1 minute, remove from grill.
Serve as is. Can be eaten by hand or with utensils.

*Lettuce on the grill requires attention. It cooks (barely charred) very quickly. If it isn't removed promptly it will burn/wilt quickly.

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