Terry's Corny Chowder

Serves 6
Recipe By: Terry Pogue

2 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 bag Simply Potatoes with onions large cube or 1 large potato cubed
1/2 cup Carrots -- diced
1 cup Celery -- diced
6 cup of chicken broth
1 can of hominy
1/2 bag of yellow corn -- frozen
1/2 can tomatoes diced and drained

Heat the olive oil in a sauce pan and add the potatoes with onions. If
you use a large potato add 1 medium onion diced. Don't stir it but let
a little crust form on the bottom of the pan. This will add flavor to
your chowder. As soon as this happens stir the potatoes and cook for
another 3 minutes or so. Add the celery, carrots and the chicken broth
(homemade is best but I use water and Minor's Soup base) canned will
work. Stir to loosen the golden bits on the bottom of the pan. Simmer
partially covered for 1 1/2 hours. Add the hominy, corn, and
tomatoes. You'll have to break the hominy apart. Salt and pepper to
taste. Simmer for another 45 minutes to an hour. The hominy will give
the chowder a nice silky texture and mouthfeel.

Recipe Notes

You can cook this in a crockpot for 5 to 6 hours or on the cooktop for
a couple of hours.

I had some rotisserie chicken which I heated and added to David's
bowl. I had mine plain. Next time I make it I'll add some roasted,
peeled, seeded and chopped poblano chiles.

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