Whole Wheat Bread
Cheesy Hash Browns for 50
Cheesecake Factory Chicken & Dumplings
Don Pablos Mexican rice

From: "Nick" <shoot2nick@aol.com>
Subject: Whole Wheat Bread recipe

I am looking for a good Whole Wheat Bread recipe that isn't dense. Any
tips, tricks, and tasty recipes would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
very much!


Subject: Cheesy Hash Browns for 50
From: roxanne <recipes@swcp.com>

cheesy hash browns
I am looking for a great easy cheesy hashbrown recipe to make the day
after my sister gets married for the opening the gifts brunch. I would
like to make these in a big roaster in the oven so i can just pull them
out and serve,for about 40-50 people. Thank you so much


Subject: Cheesecake Factory Chicken & Dumplings
From: carolyn <recipes@swcp.com>

cheesecake factory chicken & dumplings


Subject: Don Pablos Mexican rice
From: Chris Nichols <recipes@swcp.com>

Don Pablos rice
I'm hoping sombody knows the recipe for this perfect mexican rice dish.
It's my wife's FAV


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