Stukla or Schtukla
Homemade Bisquick
Pear Preserves
bint assahn yemini pastry with honey


Subject: Stukla or Schtukla recipe
From: Clasina Smith <[email protected]>

Stukla or Schtukla recipe

Somebody asked me if I know about this German recipe. Not sure this is the spelling
but the sound of it. Made with noodles and scramble egg rolled up and cooked in a
broth. Could it be from another country and is a recipe available? Thank you. Clasina


From: Hexe <[email protected]>
Subject: Homemade Bisquick

Bisquick is not available in Germany, if it is, it costs more than I am
willing to spend. I have a recipe for the Missouri Mix but it such a
lot to make at one time. Recipes using Bisquick usually call for 2
cups. Does anyone have a substitute recipe that makes two cups at a


Subject: Pear Preserves
From: Ellen <[email protected]>

Pear Preserves
I would like to find an old time recipe for pear preserves like our grandmother use to


Subject: patisserie
From: asish sahu <[email protected]>

bint assahn yemini pastry with honey


Subject: catsup
From: Kate <[email protected]>
Am looking for a GOOD recipe using tomato sauce as a base for catsup. Help!

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