Potato Slabs (like Smokey Bones)
Amerigo's Tiramisu Triple Layer Sponge Cake
KFC Hot & Spicy Wings
Blueberry Fritters
Middle Eastern bread called, Kada or Cada,
Bang Bang Shrimp at BONEFISH GRILL
using Sherry Vinegar
Spicy American Barbecue Rub by Napa Valley


From: "Karen C." <[email protected]>
Subject: Potato Slabs (like Smokey Bones)

I'm looking for a recipe for Potato Slabs, like the ones they
serve at Smokey Bones.
Karen C.


From: Kristy Smethwick <[email protected]>
Subject: Amerigo's Tiramisu Triple Layer Sponge Cake

Would love to have the Amerigo's Tiramisu Triple layer sponge cake brushed
with a Kahlua-espresso sauce, layered with a Marscapone Italian
cream cheese. Served with Kahlua hot fudge and Cream Anglais.
This is the best tiramisu I have ever eaten and I don't live near an


From: "Steve Harp" <[email protected]>
Subject: KFC Hot & Spicy Wings

Hi All,
I'd like a recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken's Hot & Spicy Wings. Not the
ones with a messy sauce, but the ones that are like a spicy version of


Subject: Blueberry Fritters...and/or any filling if you got it. Thanks
From: charles Haley <[email protected]>

Blueberry Fritters...and/or any filling if you got it. Thanks
I live in Houston, Mo. A friend of mine you'st to live up in the north
east and raves about Blueberry Fritters, she remembers some of them had
the filling on the inside. She said they were about the size of a
bearclaw. She not sure if they were fried or baked some of the fritter had
a filling. she would like the reciept, for the filling and as well as the
fritters where she can make some for me, tee hee or tell me how to get it.

Charlie Haley


Subject: Middle Eastern Recipe
From: Deborah <[email protected]>

Middle Eastern Recipe

My mother used to make a bread with a buttery filling we called, Kada or
Cada, something like that. I was told it was Persian or Armenian. My
father was from Iran and I think it came from his side of the family. The
dough is made with yeast and rolled out into a circle. Then a thick layer
of filling is spread on it and it is then folded in half and the sides
crimped before baking. It is brushed with egg on the top to make it
shiny. The dough is not sweet, nor is the center filling. The center is
made with lots of butter and flour I think. I haven't had it in years so
can't remember exactly all that went into the filling. But I do know it
was not sweet. It did not have nuts or fruit either. It was very rich
with butter and I would assume flour. It was served with tea.

I have looked everywhere to find this recipe with no luck. My mother is
gone now and I would love to have the recipe and enjoy the fond memories
of her and this wonderful bread once again. It is really very different
and really delicious.


Subject: Bang Bang Shrimp at BONEFISH GRILL
From: Linda DOyle <[email protected]>

Bang Bang Shrimp at BONEFISH GRILL

It is serverd as an appetizer (starter) at the BONEFISH GRILL.
Shrimp served in a large bowl in a creammy,spicy sauce.I sent in this
request earlier, but I had the name wrong. All this info is correst.Tha


From: "Judy Bolton" <[email protected]>
Subject: Recipes using Sherry Vinegar

I'd like some recipes using sherry vinegar (not cooking sherry). It can
any cuisine, any course. Thanks!


From: [email protected]
Subject: REQUEST! Spicy American Barbecue Rub by Napa Valley

Anyone have a copy-cat Recipe for Spicy American Barbecue Rub by Napa
here is the link.


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