Using Quinces and Grapes
Lemon Powdered Sugar Icing
Hummus from Mellow Mushroom
Coleslaw recipe from Granite City
Shrimp on the beach
Sugarfree Catsup
Salt Rising Bread for Bread Machine
Boston Pizza's Alfredo Sauce
Creme Filled Donuts


From: Peggy <[email protected]>
Subject: Using Quinces and Grapes

Is there any recipes that is not jams ect.
I did surf the internet a while ago, looking for recipes, but didn't
find anything particularly inspiring.
Does anyone know what I can do with a truckload of quinces?
And grapes? I don't know how to make wine, and don't have the equipment
anyway. I've made bottles of jam already, and am now trying to dry some
but it keeps raining! These are not eating grapes.


Subject: Lemon Powdered Sugar Icing
From: Glenda Foland <[email protected]>

Lemon Powdered Sugar Icing Something that will work on cookies - want to
put green coconut then little jelly bean Easter eggs


Subject: Hummus from Mellow Mushroom
From: Jessica <[email protected]>

Hummus from Mellow Mushroom
Do you have the recipe for Mellow Mushroom's hummus? It's the best!


Subject: Coleslaw recipe from Granite City
From: JKN <[email protected]>

Coleslaw recipe from Granite City
Am looking for the recipe from Granite City Coleslaw?


Subject: Shrimp on the beach
From: Michelle larison <[email protected]>

Shrimp on the beach
This is a recipe from tequilas mexican resturant. It is with shrimp and
grilled chicken with rice mixed with some type of cream sause I have tried
to duplicate this but no luck. I really would like to make this.


Subject: Sugarfree Catsup
From: Beverly <[email protected]>

Sugarfree Catsup
Please help!


Subject: Salt Rising Bread for Bread Machine
From: Pat Parks <[email protected]>

Salt Rising Bread for Bread Machine

We used to get Salt Rising Bread from Van De Kamp bakery. I would like a
recipe for this bread (or one thats similar)for my bread machine. I have
arthritis and can no longer knead bread. Thank you.
Pat Parks


Subject: Boston Pizza's Alfredo Sauce
From: Coralie <[email protected]>

Boston Pizza's Alfredo Sauce
I am looking for the recipe for Boston Pizza's Alfredo Sauce


Subject: Creme Filled Donuts
From: liz newman <[email protected]>

creme filled donuts
I have a recipe for the creme, but I need the recipe for the donuts. I
can't seem to find it anywhere else. thanks for the help.

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