GH recipe Betty's Brown Beef Stew
Dinner In A Dish
Fried Shrimp Batter


From: Fluvannahoo <[email protected]>
Subject: GH recipe Betty's Brown Beef Stew

We had an old Good Housekeeping cookbook probably from the 60's or
70's. There was a great beef stew recipe in it that I believe was
called "Betty's Brown Beef Stew". Unfortunately we lost the cookbook
and our recipe files and I'm hoping that someone can tell me the
edition of the cookbook that recipe was in. I would like to obtain
the book (and probably can from Amazon) but don't remember the title.
I do remember that it had a dark cover if that helps.


From: "N BROWN" <[email protected]>
Subject: Dinner In A Dish

I have been looking for the recipe for dinner-in-a-dish for a very long
time. My mother-in-law made it when her children were growing up. But, now
that I found your recipe it is not very helpful. I knew the ingredients
not the amounts. Here is the recipe
1 pound hamburger
1 can stewed tomatoes (what size can)
1 can kernel corn (what size can)
bread crumbs (I assume 1/2 cup)
butter (I assume 2 tablespoons)
You do tell me to mix the first three ingredients, put in casserole,
with bread crumbs and dot with butter and to bake in 350 degree oven until
hot and bubbling.

Can you email the size of the cans of stewed tomatoes and corn to serve
Any help will be greatly appreciated. As I wrote, I have been looking for
this recipe for a very long time.


From: Lee <[email protected]>
Subject: Fried Shrimp Batter

Years ago, I was a regular at a Chinese restaurant that had the most
incredible fried shrimp. The batter was a light amber colour and was so
thin you could see the pink of the shrimp through it. I tried to find out
the recipe for their batter but they wouldn't give it out. I was able to
find out that it had egg white and corn starch in it. I've experimented
and ruined a lot of shrimp in the process. Can anyone offer a recipe that
would give these results?


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