P F Chang Bistro's Peanut Lime Chicken Salad
Spanish Croquetas
Mcdonald's Sweet Tea
BBQ Recipes


From: MrMusic <[email protected]>
Subject: Petitza (sic) recipes

My friend makes this. Homemade f ilo pastry inside of which are
raisons, eggs and whippped cream. Layered pastry. Does anyone know:
proper spelling, country of origin and recipe?

BIG thanks....


Subject: P F Chang Bistro's Peanut Lime Chicken Salad
From: Paige Omar <[email protected]>

P F Chang Bistro's Peanut Lime Chicken Salad
This dish has been removed from the menu in Memphis,TN. The dressing is
key. Thank you


Subject: Croquetas
From: Ellen Steele <[email protected]>

Please send me the recipe for this Spanish appetizer. Types of fillings
are desired.


Subject: Mcdonald's Sweet Tea
From: michelle <[email protected]>

mcdonald's sweet tea
lookin for mcdonalds sweet tea


From: [email protected]
Subject: BBQ Recipes- HELP!

Hi all

Can anyone suggest some really good BBQ recipes as I have just entered
a competition to be Britain's Best BBQ'er 2008 and you have to cook
your own recipe as well as a set one and I am stumped, I usually just
do bangers!!

Does anyone have anyamazing suggestions? The website is
britainsbestbbqer co uk if you need to have a look?


Grill Girl x

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