Herpolsheimer's Chicken Salad
using Sheet Gelatine
Chesapeake Beagle Bakery Veggie Cream Cheese
Gladstone's Black Beans w/ Feta
Spice rub for chicken


From: "John Gonser" <[email protected]>
Subject: request Herpolsheimer's Chicken Salad

Years ago a now-defunct department store called Herpolsheimer's in Grand
Rapids, Michigan, had a lunchroom that served the very best chicken salad
the universe. Anybody have that recipe?


From: Peggy <[email protected]>
Subject: using Sheet Gelatine

Hi every one,
I have bought some sheet gelatine.(Thin Leaf White contains 6 leaves
net weight 10g-0.35g)_
Can anyone help me as I have never used it before and what can I use it
in /on ect.


From: Joe Chelena <[email protected]>
Subject: Chesapeake Beagle Bakery Veggie Cream Cheese

The original Chesapeake Beagle Bakery chain, located in the Mid-Atlantic
states, had a wonderful version of this classic spread which I have not
been able to duplicate. The veggie part is easy but it is the
seasoning/spice mixture that has me stumped. Anyone have an idea of how
they made it? Thanks -Joe

PS: The original chain was bought out around 5 to 10 years ago and the
current owners did not carry over the same recipe.


From: Hexe <[email protected]>
Subject: Gladstone's Black Beans w/ Feta

While visiting my son in LA, he took me to Gladstone's Seafood
Restaurant in Malibu. He had a side dish of black beans w/ feta cheese
which I tasted and thought delicious. It appeared to be a simple recipe
but I'd like to know what was the basis of the stock and what
seasoning/herbs were used.

Considering the reputation the restaurant supposedly has, I found the
food disappointing. I've had better seafood for much less money. I
thought the black beans were the best dish of all that we had ordered.


From: jt august <[email protected]>
Subject: Request: Spice rub for chicken to be mesquite smoked

I have a barrel smoker that works great. What I haven't found yet is
a good spice rub that marries with mesquite smoke for chicken. I
would appreciate some suggested blends to play with.

jt august
[email protected]


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