Pig Candy ala Pastorio
Recipe By: Bob Pastorio


Bacon -- extra thick cut
Honey or Syrup, or Sugar

On a rack over a baking pan, I lay the bacon out flat, single layer, not touching.
About 45 minutes at 250F leaves behind a pan full of bacon fat and strips of bacon
that feel like pig-flavored wisps; very light. The strips have had virtually all
the fat rendered. Next, out of the oven and pour off the fat (to save for another
day). Loosen the strips from the rack (if necessary) and either pile with brown
sugar or trickle a generous amount of honey along their lengths. Back into the oven
to let the sweetness melt into the bacon. Maybe 1/2 hour this time. It's now
*inside* the bacon. But I think those chopped pecans sound very good. Very good,
indeed. Hmmm. I bet I could process pecans and brown sugar together to make a...


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