Crispy Rotis

Somehow we feel they are never enough. What if each one has a couple extra
that day? So, there we are again, with more rotis than we asked for. We
can do a few things to rotis well, but do you remember that the important
thing is to crisp them

Divide your roti as your would a charka and put it in the oven at about
150 degree cup until it is crisp. Make a salsa of chopped coriander,
tomato, red pepper crushed garlic and lime. Add salt and pepper.


Mix some chopped avocado, sweet corn, a bit of chopped tomato and raw
onion, a good helping of garlic, lime, coriander and green chilli. Add
salt and pepper. Use either of these as a topping for your toasted roti
slices-it makes a great snack.


Cut your roti into half. Make a mixture of paneer ginger, garlic, green
chilli, chopped coriander and mint, salt, pepper. Pat the mixture into
your roti leaving about 1cm at the edge. Butter the edge and then press
down against each other so they stick and refrigerate for five to 10
minutes. Place in an oven at 175 degree C for about 15-20 minutes until
the outside is crisp and the inside moist and hot.

Flavour the roti with methi or spices and makes khahras-that way you
monitor the oil !
Ask your kids to cut the shapes out of them and toast those for a snack.
Cut them into strips and use with a dip-they are healthier than chips !

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