Avocado and Walnut Salad

submitted by lottaahlstrom_3
from Stockholm, Sweden

Serves 2 persons

2 avocados/big ones
as much precooked and cooled black quinoa as you like per person
approx 100 g feta cheese
100 g walnuts
7 or so cherry tomatoes
fresh baby spinach
balsamic "glaze" vinegar preferably with raspberry

Place quinoa into boiling water (volume of water depends on how much
quinoa you decide to use) and reduce heat. When cooked it should be
cooled off! Prepare two plates and put as much quinoa as you like on the
plates On top of the quinoa, place some fresh baby spinach, cherry
tomates cut in two and peeled, sliced avocado. Finally, decorate with
feta cheese cut in small pieces. Crush the walnuts slightly and "sprinkle"
over your salad. Let "a lot" of the loveley balsamic "glaze" decorate the
sides of the plate.

Lovely to serve with slightly toasted bread with herbed butter spread!

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