My newest cookbook purchase is a book called Sizzle. New Zealand food
writer received a Gourmand Cookbook Award for Sizzle. Awarded as the best
barbecue cookbook in the English language. It's a beautiful book with
great photographs. Even tho I don't have a barbecue I can still do these
on my stove top grill.

Here's an interesting take on an old hors d'oeuvres.

Asparagus And Mint Prosciutto Wraps

Serves 4
Recipe By: Julie Biuso
Published in: Sizzle, Sensational Barbecue Food

12 asparagus spears (plump spears not the pencil size)
Zest of 1 lemon
2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
sea salt and black pepper
4 ounce prosciutto or equivalent amount of shaved ham (thinly sliced)
48 Mint Leaves
Lemon wedges to accompany or a spicy dipping sauce of your choice.

Snap off the woody ends from the asparagus spears or trim them with a
knife. Wash asparagus under running water, soak if gritty. In a large
shallow dish mix together lemon zest and oil with a few pinches of salt
and plenty of black pepper. Add spears and roll them around in the dish to
coat. Wrap each spear in a slice of prosciutto or ham, enclosing four mint
leaves with each spear. Cook asparagus wraps over medium heat or on an
oiled bbq hot plate, turning often,until they turn a rick golden brown
(about 10 minutes) Serve hot. These asparagus wraps are imbued with a hint
of caramelly smokiness. The salt "hit" from crisp prosciutto is wiped
clean by lemon and mint, making them irresistible. You can make up the
wraps a few hours before cooking as long as you keep them refrigerated,
but bring them to room temperature before cooking. Accompany with lemon
wedges or a spicy dipping sauce.

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