All-Purpose Muffins
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2 cup flour all purpose
2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon table salt
2 eggs
1 cup yogurt -- plain or fruit flavored
1/2 cup sugar -- granulated
1 stick butter -- melted
2 Tablespoon sugar granulated
1 cup fruit or berries (such as blueberries -- cranberries, cherries, diced peaches or sliced banana)

For the Glaze:
1/2 cup powdered sugar -- sifted
1 tablespoon yogurt -- plain or fruit flavored
1 tablespoon sugar -- coarse or turbinado
1/4 teaspoon vanilla

Preheat oven to 400F. coat a 12 cup muffin tin with nonstick spray or line with muffin liners.

Whisk together the 2 cups flour, baking powder, and salt in a bowl; set dry ingredients aside.

Whisk together eggs, the 1 cup yogurt, and the 1/2 cup sugar in a bowl. Add melted butter and whisk to combine; set mixture aside.

Combine the 2 Tablespoons flour and the 2 Tablespoons of sugar in a bowl. Add berries, cherries, or peaches and toss until fruit is coated. (If using
banana or dried fruit, omit the 2 T flour and the 2 T sugar; mash the banana slices.)

Stir flour mixture into egg yogurt mixture until flour is barely visible; gently stir in fruit.

Scoop a heaping 1/4 cup of batter into each cup of the prepared muffin tin. Bake muffins until a toothpick inserted in the centers comes out clean, 15
to 17 minutes.

Stir together powdered sugar, the 1 T yogurt, the 1 T coarse sugar, and vanilla for the glaze. Brush glaze on top of muffins; return muffins to the
oven for 1 minute to set glaze. Remove muffins from the oven. Let muffins sit 5 minutes, then remove them from the tin to a rack to cool.

Because this muffin batter uses only double - acting baking powder, it can be made and refrigerated for 1 day before baking.

Recipe Notes
This recipe not only works with lots of different ingredinets, it also can accomodate various size pans. Try it with mini or jumbo muffins.

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