From labels of beverage ingredients, we can find many food addictives
which can preserve products for a long duration. Among addictives,
methylparaben (99-76-3) is generally recognized as a popular one which
can be used in soy sauce, vinegar, spices, salted, the baked food,
beverage, fruits and vegetables, etc. It is allowed to be added into
carbon drinks in many countries around the world.
The proper daily intake for each person is within 10 mg per kilometre of
body weight. For someone who weighs 60kg, it would not be bad to health
if he intake at least 600 mg per day. long-term intake of it may cause
bad stomach, skin allergy and female hormone increase.
Compared with other preservatives, such as benzoic acid and sorbic acid,
'methylparaben (99-76-3)' (
is more resistive to bacteria. First, it is in the structure of phenolic
hydroxyl; second, the quantity of methyl paraben is about 10% of benzoic
acid and sorbic acid. Thus, it is safe as food ingredients relatively.