I have an over abundance of plum tomatoes. I have been making tomato
sauce by scalding the tomatoes to remove the skin - which takes a lot of
time. Then I simmer the chopped up tomatoes for 1 - 3 hours to get to
the consistency that I like.

I have seen recipes to just cut the plum tomatoes in half, do not remove
the skin or seeds and roast them. It would give a heartier flavor which
I would like. A food mill would remove the seeds and skin after they
have cooled a bit. My question is for how long and what oven
temperature is the best. I have seen recipes for 250F for 4 - 5 hours,
at 350F for 1 1/2 - 2 hours, at 425F for 30 - 90 minutes etc. Has anyone
tried it and what temperature is the best?

Thanks for any suggestions and/or help.

Rusty in MD