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Thread: Thanksgiving on Friday

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    George Shirley Guest

    Default Thanksgiving on Friday

    Since we are a large and disparate family we all met at my daughter's
    home for Thanksgiving on Friday. We drove three hours to get there and
    carried the following items: two lemon meringue pies, made with lemons
    we were allowed to pick at a friends house; one pear/cranberry, double
    crust pie, made with pears I put up last year in Splenda syrup and
    reconstituted dried cranberries; one lemon chess pie, made with gifted
    lemons; one loaf of Swedish rye bread (which was a big hit as my grands
    and great grands had never eaten rye bread before); one whole wheat loaf
    (had four cups of whole wheat flour in it). A case of my canned
    pickles, jams, jellies, and sauces was gifted to the family groups for
    their use. Of course on promise that I would get the jars back.

    Other family members brought turkey, ham, broccoli cheese casserole,
    steamed asparagus, mashed potatoes with bacon and cheese, mashed
    potatoes with gravy, cornbread dressing, many, many different cookies,
    muffins, etc. To many side dishes to even remember. We had two
    eight-foot tables loaded with food and all sat together to eat. All told
    we had seventeen people at table, a good crowd with good food and the
    babies, Molly Anne (youngest greatgranddaugher will be two years old in
    December), and Mason Blaze (youngest greatgrandson who will be two years
    old next April) were the hit of the party. This is the first time we had
    the whole family, lacking our DIL and her two kids who were shopping
    Black Friday, together since our fiftieth anniversary party last
    December. Great fun, lots of happy noise, and many stories. SIL's eldest
    son (from his second wife) and his fiancee announced their engagement
    and said they had bought a house nearby. The son works in China for a
    large American company and evidently makes lots of money. He is a good
    lad and looks after his Dad pretty good too.

    All in all we had a wonderful time together and all went home full. Miz
    Anne and I spent the night at daughter's house and drove home today from
    Houston area, three hours on the road, two hours of it in intermittent
    rain, the rest in bright sunshine. Life is truly good and we hope all
    enjoyed their Thanksgiving Day.

    George, Miz Anne, and Tilly Dawg

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    Mimi Guest

    Default Re: Thanksgiving on Friday

    We spent Thanksgiving in West Tennessee with my in-laws--they just
    moved there in May 2011. Had a great time--made home made rolls with
    my MIL. She is a gem, I adore her. Hun Bun deep fried a turkey, I made
    cranberry sauce with apples for my MIL. She said she'd seen someone on
    TV make it that way and could I??? Of course I could!!! 10-hour drive
    for us--lots of rain as well, there and back.

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