Only had enough cucumbers with added sweet onions to make two quarts of
sweet pickles. Miz Anne is out in the garden right now planting five
Burpless cuke plants and a whole row of "Pickler" cuke seeds where we
took out the butter bean plants.

Today I made nine pints of yellow squash pickles, these have dill seed,
sweet onion, and garlic in them. Both the sweet cuke pickles and the
squash pickles were treated with Pickle Crisp. I'm hearing jars "tink"
all the way from kitchen to back here.

With any luck we will get plenty of cuke, enough for pickles to last a
year until the next crop comes in. Will be calling in empty jars from
friends and relatives this week but will still have to go to Big Lots
tomorrow and buy a couple of cases of pints.

Tried out the mail order lids today and they, so far, have all sealed
properly. Laid up beside a Golden Harvest lid they seem exactly the
same, suspect the vendor just buys in job lots from the manufacturer
without getting boxes for them. Either way I save money here as all
goods with exception of some foods and drugs are heavily taxed in
Louisiana. Figure another 9.25% sales tax in our city alone.