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Thread: strawberry jam

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    songbird Guest

    Default strawberry jam

    8 pints today.

    i scorched it a little *sigh*
    and didn't really like the taste
    much. trying a new recipe and
    low sugar pectin.

    hoping it will be ok after it
    sits for a while.

    then when i was filling a jar
    i had the funnel a bit off and
    managed to get it down the cupboard
    fronts. figured it was going to
    set good because it didn't drip
    all the way down to the floor. ha.

    what is your worst disaster
    making jam?

    and then there was the time i
    was making cayenne pepper sauce...


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    Serene Vannoy Guest

    Default Re: strawberry jam

    On 06/13/2011 07:08 PM, songbird wrote:

    > what is your worst disaster
    > making jam?

    My kid and I picked MONSTROUS amounts of plums from the tree, then
    something happened and I was unable to get to them that day. They were
    in an insulated bag (BIG one) on the kitchen chair. Never did get the
    plum-juice stains off the seat of that chair. I had no idea they would
    leak through.


    "Sex is just one of many pleasurable activities. I don't think of it as
    special--sometimes I'd rather read a book. Where are the rules about
    reading?" -- Kai on alt.poly

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