I am through with the original picking of strawberries. Made jam on
Sunday and jelly yesterday. The jelly has not set so I will let it
sit for a while and if necessary I will remake it. The recipes for
strawberry jelly say to crush fruit and then strain. I had about a
quart of leftover squeezings. Today I made some sorbet and about a
quart of smoothies. Smoothie is yogurt, strawberries, bananas and

I picked about 4 pounds of strawberries yesterday. Today I picked
chard and pulled up beets. Some of the beet greens went into the bag
my various lettuces. Think I will make a batch of Harvard beets
tomorrow and pickle some of the beets later.
Susan N.

"Moral indignation is in most cases two percent moral,
48 percent indignation, and 50 percent envy."
Vittorio De Sica, Italian movie director (1901-1974)