Went grocery shopping this morning and scored big in the used meat bin.
Bought some heavily discounted ribeye steaks, five of them weighing
about one pound plus each. Very good marbling, some age on them. The
list price on the original stickers was $68.00. My cost was $29.56 less
my senior discount (10%)plus my good customer discount (3%). $5.92 a
pound versus $12.56 a pound suits me to a tee. Guess what we're grilling
for Momma's Day tomorrow?

In addition I put up three quart bags of blanched Swiss chard for later
use. Frozen on a bun tray in the correct amount to fit the bags. Also
dried five trays of oregano and one more of leaf celery. I may or may
not be able to get more leaf celery but the oregano is growing like the
weed it is. Will harvest more Monday when I go back to work outside. The
English thyme is growing well too and I plan to harvest Mexican Mint
Marigold as a tarragon substitute. It dehydrates well and maintains a
strong tarragon taste IMHO. The fernleaf dill should be ready for a
small harvest by Tuesday or Wednesday, I really like to use that in
canned pickles that call for dill, has a nice flavor to it.

We will be picking the green beans by Tuesday, I have a soaker hose
running in the garden now, we've had no rain in about three weeks. Need
to turn on the one in the herb garden also but it is to late in the day
as we are on water rationing already here. Can start watering at
midnight Sunday night and until 2 pm Monday and then again on Wednesday
and Friday. Oh well, at least we pay a fixed price for our city water.