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> Want to pickle a lot of onions and cabbage. Here in London, Sarsons Malt
> Vinegar is cheap and cheerful when purchased from Chinese wholesalers.
> Would prefer the mild flavour of Rice Vinigar, but it's expensive having
> to come from Japanese shops here.
> I have heard of people adding thirty percent of boiled water to a pickling
> mixture reduce the vinigar taste.
> Would you think adding fifty percent of boiled water would make the
> mixture too dilute to sterilize and pickle properly? Basically I
> would add as much water as I could get away with, but i dont know how much
> that could be. Thanks for any advice.

This sounds odd to me but who knows?

I use Sarsons but I boil it to reduce the liquid (driving off some of the

I am interested to see the responses.

I am also posting this to rec.food.preserving.

O in UK