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Another attempt to sell health!

Anyone fat?

If you want to lose weight eating less of certain food
and more of others works fine and you can save momey because
the food you want to eat to lose weight are things like beans.
Not beans with fat back but good cooked beans flavored with
bay, onion and garlic, salt and pepper or chiles.

But I have lost 25 lbs in the last year from 205 down
to 180 by the simply expedient of first using only a proper
portion size for my mean(fish or fowl included) and after
you have established proper portion sizes for the meat then
if you need to lose weight cut the portion in half cut back
on the starches and increase the vegetable.
Regular diet says one third starches, one third vegetable
and 4 ounces of meat fish or fowl. So cut the starches and
meat serving in half except for one meal each weekend day when
you can add back meat and starches if you eat all your vegetables.
Fruit up to 4 times per day. If you feel weak on this diet
use portions of protein powder such as whey or any vegetable
protein to supplement your reduced protein intake.
Exercise as tolerated which for me is about 20 blocks
or less per day.