Put up eight pints of pickled sunchokes this afternoon. Sliced them
thin, cut up some red and green bell peppers and a large onion. Put in
the required amount of Pickle Crisp in each jar and BWB for ten minutes.
Used a mix of apple cider and white vinegar, all 5% USP of course. Used
pickling spices mixed in with the vinegar/water/sucralose mix. Yes,
sucralose, not real sugar. Used two cups of Kroger's Apriva, their
brand that sells cheaper than Splenda and is the same thing. Have used
it successfully in the past for sweet pickles and works fine.

I'm in the process of adapting the recipe and if anyone wants it after I
put it into Mastercook just let me know.

In about three weeks I will open a jar and see how they did.

Had to buy bell peppers as our crop was very poor due to drought. Which
drought, incidentally, is pretty much over for us. We received about
eight inches of rain in the last week, six of it one day and night.
Ground just sucked it up and looked for more. First time in two years we
actually had standing water in low places here.

Since I had to buy peppers I bought several extra, washed them, chopped
them into one-half inch pieces, froze them on a bun tray and then vacuum
bagged them for use in cooking. I always freeze them on a bun tray first
and then shake them apart. Put a bunch of fresh cut peppers in a vac bag
once and had to chop them apart after they froze. Freezing them
separately for two hours keeps that from happening.

Fairly warm here, supposed to hit 33F by morning and then start warming
up again. Almost time to put in the spring garden. Probably will do that
as our hopes of moving is getting slowed down somewhat by the work we're