Made three more quarts of pear mincemeat again today. Well, two real
quarts and one Classico 26-ounce jar, close enough for gubmint work.
This time used dried blueberries and tart cherries, chopped both up so
they wouldn't fully rehydrate whilst cooking. Longest part of the job
was peeling and coring the pears. This time I ran them through the food
processor and did a rough cut, worked well and saved a lot of knife
work. Liked the taste of this batch with the cherries moreso than the
batch with the cran raisins.

This will be about a year supply with us. Next year I will be more
careful where I pick pears. In truth we are hoping to be moved sometime
after the first of 2012. I found a house online today that has a pear
tree, an orange tree, and a small garden area, haven't seen the interior
and exterior pictures as yet.

Started a beautiful day today with a temperature reading of 57F when I
went out to get the paper at 0600. Highest temp is the current 86F, low
humidity so heat index is also 86F, one of the coolest total days in
over a month. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we got almost six inches of
rain, more rain than has fallen since January. None in sight at the
moment and we could really use it.