melting plastic goo on the stove. ma
accidentally turned on the wrong burner
and didn't take the pan off that had my
plastic measuring cups and my canning
funnel in it.

luckily i had a cut off top of a milk
jug for funneling soy milk from before
so that worked as a stop-gap funnel.

reminds me of the time i almost torched
a rubbermaid container lid on an electric
burner. i was able to take the melted
goo and put it in a nonstick pan and then
remelt the lid so the holes closed up
again. so i really can't toss stones on
this count... put it in the catergory of
"stuff happens" and call it good.

the pyrex pan is all scrubbed out of
goo and the house is aired out and
breathable again. she keeps telling me
that she appreciates me being here to
keep track of her. she didn't
notice the smell at first because there
was a lid on the pan and then she thought
it was the peppers she was cutting up
that were stinking. me being in another
room didn't even smell it until after
she had taken it outside.

no harm done. no one hurt. could have
been much worse, i'm very glad she didn't
spill it on herself or on the stove. that
would have been a fun time. now the nine
quarts of salsa are being processed and i
can go out and pick more dry beans to shell
while the sun is out and the breeze is up
enough to keep the skeeters away. picked
a round of dry beans earlier and shelled
them, take a short break to give my bod a
rest, yet now it is already time to get back
at it.