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    gloria.p Guest

    Default OK, George

    What are you harvesting THIS weekend, and how's Miz Anne?

    gloria p

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    George Shirley Guest

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    On 4/1/2011 8:30 PM, gloria.p wrote:
    > What are you harvesting THIS weekend, and how's Miz Anne?
    > gloria p

    I'm cutting some Swiss chard after I get back from hauling a truck load
    of junk from out garage to the annual town Trash Bash. Looks to be
    enough BEETS to make another haul, might pickle these as I'm sorta tired
    of eating cooked beets and carrots. May even make some dilly carrots as
    the great grands love those carrot sticks.

    I wore myself completely out yesterday walking back and forth from the
    garage to the truck. Always before there were two of us hauling, now
    it's just me. Miz Anne did sit and give directions as to which things I
    could get rid of and which I couldn't.

    She is doing quite well, does her exercises multiple times a day, walks
    around a lot with her walker, goes out in the yard to supervise her
    flower beds, actually went to First Friday Mass yesterday morning,
    dragging me along with her of course. After Mass all the other old
    people (that's all that go to early Mass) came up to hug her and shake
    hands and the deacon actually brought the Host to her rather than make
    her walk down the aisle. She has been doing the bulletin boards at our
    church for twenty-three years and is well known in the Altar Society
    (another bunch of old people).

    Reckon she will go back tomorrow too as she is a wee bit more religious
    than this old sailor.

    Oh yeah, she's learning to use a cane but can't use it versus the walker
    just yet, not until the surgeon says it's okay. Luckily my old aluminum
    cane is adjustable so we didn't have to buy a new one. I went to the
    local drug store yesterday and got a pair of pre-cut tennis balls for
    her walker legs and got her one of those Billy Mays special "Gopher"
    things. A grasper for picking up things without bending over, which she
    is forbidden to do at the moment. She went out on the patio and used it
    to pick up sticks and leaves. She is the essential gardener.


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