We fought the wasps/yellow jackets today for more of the apricots on our
trees. The insects just love them all of a sudden and leave slits where
they have sucked out the juice. We are not using those. They are going
from dead green to almost overripe overnight, are quite small, and
pitted from hail, but the jam is delicious.

Today's two batches made 7 and 8 jars, 12oz each.

A minor mess: my husband was stirring the cooking kettle as I poured
the measured sugar in from a bowl. Somehow I managed to spill about 1/4
cup over the back of the kettle onto the burner (glass cooktop.) I did
a partial save by scraping much of it away with my cookie spatula, but
the smell wasn't very pleasant. I have wet towels on the burnt sugar,
trying to soften it enough to avoid much more scraping.

As I have said already once this week, I'm done....

gloria p