One of my family's favourite juices is the Tropicana Orange Peach Mango
blend. So I thought I'd try making a jam with those fruits. I got mangos
on sale about a month ago (2 for a dollar) and what we didn't eat fresh, I
peeled, chopped and froze. I thought I was going to have to wait until
peach season to get a good deal on some, but then I found some in my freezer
from last year. So today I thawed mangos and peaches out, added the one
chopped orange that I had and tasted it. Needed more orange, so I added
some orange juice concentrate, since that's all I had. The result is pretty
tasty - close to the juice. Got 7 jars.

Then, since I had about a cup of mango and a cup of peach left, I thawed
some strawberries that I still have from last year and made strawberry peach
mango jam. Got 8 jars

And since I had the canner out, I thawed some cherry juice and some
raspberries that were in the freezer and made raspberry cherry jam. It's
more like a spread since I sieved most of the seeds out. The cherry juice
came from the cherries I bought on sale a couple of months ago. We weren't
eating them fresh fast enough and they were starting to go bad, so I juiced
the good ones and froze it. Eight more jars.

All batches were made with Cert Low Sugar Pectin powder. I've been using
this stuff exclusively for the last couple of years (unless I'm making
something special that calls for liquid Certo) and have always been pleased
with the results - usually a little tarter, but we like that. My 10 year
old daughter showed up to lick the spoons and pot after each batch and gave
them her sticky thumbs up.

Considering that it rained all day - again - it turned out to be a pretty
good day.