having several lbs of garlic still to go,
but today i tried another version of putting
up the garlic.

peeled, cut off the ends and any spots of
rot, then ran the garlic through the meat
grinder we've used since *mumble* years ago.
i'd forgotten about it and was pining for a
juicer, but could not come up with the funds
so decided this year to try something less

the first version i tried i chopped the
garlic by hand and then packed it into a
small jar and topped the jar off with
lemon juice before putting it in the freezer.
chopping took too long. the next few cups
i used the hand blender to grind the garlic
up with the lemon juice in there.

those jars were used to cook up some lasagna
a few days ago and the flavor was acceptable
to the head cook. they'd been in the freezer
for two or three weeks.

the head cook expressed her preference for
chopped garlic over the blenderized version so
that left me with many lbs still to go and no
easy way to put it up. today i recalled the
meat grinder and got it out and ran a lb of
garlic through it to check the texture and to
see how it went. it looks pretty good still
has some chunks, but also packs into the jars
with the lemon juice just fine. so that was
done and now i know the method i'll use for
the rest of it. yay!

time to get back to peeling...