We picked about ten quarts of green beans today, snapped them this
evening. Tomorrow I will fire up the pressure canner and can them all
for long-term storage.

Still getting lots of yellow squash, neighbors are starting to turn off
the lights and lock the door when they see me coming with a bag. May
have to let them dry completely and build a new garden shed with them.

Sweet chiles are starting to come in but not prolifically as yet,
looking forward to freezing thirty or forty quart bags of those babies.

Cukes are doing much better, twelve vines are covered with blooms and
the mason bees are working them really good. Also seeing a few honey
bees occasionally, guess we've still got a few hives in hollow trees
around here. Either that or they're in someone's attic. If they were in
our attic the squirrels would eat them. Got a young friend (he's only
52) coming tomorrow to look at or soffitts and we should be able to
repair them enough to keep the squirrels out of the attic. Folks are
coming tomorrow to replace the window screens, all sixteen of them, with
solar screens. Should help with the heat load on this old house as the
temps are in the high eighties already.