I attended a day-long seminar yesterday about Peddling Your Pickles
Safely, sponsored by the Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Growers
Association, and presented by a couple U of MN Extension Division food
science and food safety specialists. One of the handouts was a copy of
the Fact Sheet for Minnesota's "Pickle Bill," legislation which allows
for the sale of certain home canned foods at certain events; e.g.,
county fairs and town celebrations, farmers' markets located in

This is the link to the document they handed out:

It's from the MN Department of Agriculture.

I'm posting it here because it has links to Penn State's site (which has
links to several *other* university sites), to Colorado State's site
which, unfortunately, is a bad link but this one is a good place to
start: http://www.ext.colostate.edu/menu_nutrition.html (just type 'food
preservation' into its search window for a list of particular pages);
and to About.com's site on the topic. It also has a link to the USDA
Complete Guide to Home Canning.

Of the resources listed, I am a little skeptical of About.com's and
that's only because it's a commercial site and I don't know how fussy
they are about what they put on the site. I haven't looked at all (or
even many) of its links. Shoot me.

For what it's worth.
-Barb, Mother Superior, HOSSSPoJ
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