Put up 17 half-pint jars of pickle relish this afternoon, had two BWB's
going at the same time. I think that's it for pickle relish for this season.

Have been trying to get hold of my friend with the prolific pear tree
since Thursday. Found out today, by calling his sister, that he was
injured in a motorcycle accident in Boston, MA. Not seriously thank
goodness but his bike is trash after he laid it down to avoid a car and
then an eighteen-wheeler ran over it. Luck again that he wasn't near it.
He is flying in tomorrow evening to pick up a new bike and then going
back. I should have permission to pick the tree before Monday morning.
If it doesn't rain then we will be picking pears and putting them in the

Got a nice gift from a friend in Texas in the mail today, two half-pints
of dewberry jam and one half-pint of Mustang grape jelly, all
wild-picked. Hot diggety dawg! Gonna be biscuits and dewberry jam for
breakfast in the morning. Thanks Mimi.