We put up four trays of Mexican Mint Marigold (substitute for tarragon
down here) and four trays of rosemary yesterday. Will do more trays of
rosemary today. Miz Anne's siblings like to get presents of our home
grown herbs so they should be very happy.

With all the recent rain my herb garden is getting wilder by the day.
Oregano is spreading as is the mint marigold, the rosemary bush seems to
grow a foot a week. The fernleaf dill is about three feet tall and
starting to go to seed, it has been reseeding in the garden for three
years now so I will let it do its thing. Flatleaf parsley is also going
wild. The leaf celery is doing well for the first time in two years.
We've actually found four seedlings that came up among the parsley so we
transplanted it a little further up in the herb garden.

The kumquat trees are blooming, the persimmon tree has small green fruit
on it and the much depleted fig tree has a goodly crop on it. Even the
regrowth on the Ponderosa lemon tree has blooms, giving hope for another
crop of lemons this year.

Two years of drought nearly devastated our plantings but our rain
patterns are now back to normal. We did lose the peach tree to borers
and it appears the quince tree, loaded with fruit, is also dying. You
win some, you lose some.

Taking a big bag of tomatoes with me to the ROMEO's meeting this morning
at Mickey Dee's, some other old geezers should be happy.

George, off to the races