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Thread: your All be pathetic

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    Aussie1 Guest

    Default your All be pathetic

    Time to stop lurking and spit it out. You loosers are totally
    pathetic. Your childish, witless, stupid and repetitive.
    There arent one post on this whole forum that looks like it came from
    anyone who has more IQ points than there teeth.

    Revenge? What a frikken joke! You wouldnt know how to get revenge on
    anyone. You poor deluded little twonks. rename the forums to Potty-
    Mouthkindergarten you morons. What a bunch of ineffective jerk offs.

    ****e, I wish people wouldnt let their kids have access to computers
    without supervision.

    Ill leave you here to lick each others juicy little arses and suck
    each others turgid little cocks.

    It was a waste of time coming here. Bye ****e eaters; and dont forget
    to watch frikken sesame street in the morning. That is just about all
    you socalled university ''educated' idiots are good for.

    I dont give up, I dont go away, I just get angrier and angrier until
    I get to feel bones breaking in the arseholes that are pissing me

    You laugh and feel smug now but I PROMISE you, all the ''pencil
    necks'' that
    post on the forums are going to feel MAJOR pain.

    I already know where one of you are, you had already had an ISP track
    you down for something else. I got that info ****e for brains and Im
    going to use it.

    Laugh now cos you sure as ****e wont laugh later.

    You want to know why I got the nickname Psycho? Because I went to jail
    for biting a guys finger off after he gave me the finger in traffic.

    I followed him for almost thirty miles before I got the cowardly
    little arsehole.

    You dip****s have pissed me off a ****ing sight more than he did.

    Frikken wannabe forum dickwads; take that! BuhBye!

    Peter Lucas

    sticking it to ''Politcal Correctness'' since 2008

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    The Henchman Guest

    Default Re: your All be pathetic

    "Aussie1" wrote in message
    news:[email protected]...

    Time to stop lurking and spit it out.


    Hi How are you today?

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