Whole Foods Guinness World Record Parmesan Reggiano


"The Crack Heard 'Round the World"

So the talking heads on the video said 3pm, the chalk sign behind them said
2pm but what time is the world record going to be set in your neighborhood
for cracking the most 85lb cheese wheels (300+) ?!? The video mentioned
they were in Austin, TX.

So, I called my local WF and asked if they were part of the "Crack Heard
'Round the World" and they said yes. How is it they can set a world record
at 3pm in every time zone?

The BUMS!!!

I'll be there for a couple photo ops, not for 2/$2.99 avocados.

I might even suit and tie myself. Maybe get married to a good lookin' dame
in the frozen food aisle while they're cutting the cheese and honeyMOON the

I'll try and have too much fun. You should too!

What a gimmick!!!