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Thread: What is wrong with Wal-Mart fruits?

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    Gregory Morrow Guest

    Default Re: What is wrong with Wal-Mart fruits?

    Christine Dabney wrote:

    > On Sun, 03 May 2009 14:50:35 -0700, sf <[email protected]> wrote:
    > >Stay where you are!

    > Not me!! I am coming home!!!
    > However, there are some great parts of the country... I just happen to
    > like the SFBA the best...

    I have to say that from a physical standpoint the SFBA is really "God's
    Country", very beautiful...and great food, too.

    Good luck on your move...



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    blake murphy Guest

    Default Re: What is wrong with Wal-Mart fruits?

    On Sun, 3 May 2009 11:29:18 -0700 (PDT), Lynn from Fargo Ografmorffig

    > On May 3, 8:11*am, maxine <> wrote:
    >> If the fruit has those little labels on it, they can tell you if the
    >> fruit is gm.
    >> "[T]he sticker labels on fruit: The numbers tell you how the fruit was
    >> grown. Conventionally grown fruit has four digits; organically grown
    >> fruit has five and starts with a nine; genetically engineered has five
    >> numbers and starts with an eight."

    > ==========================
    > Coincidentally . . . for some unknown reason I have been sticking most
    > of those little produce stickers I get around the edge of my (second
    > hand but gift) iMac. THere are thirteen of them and they're all four
    > digits. Looks like I don't buy any dubious GM stuff, but then I don't
    > buy organic either.
    > I also have fortunes from cookies, lens labels from cheap (dollar
    > store) reading glasses & labels from Eclipse gum containers. I have
    > no idea why i collect these things.
    > Lynn in Fargo

    think of it as found art. you're a pioneer!

    your pal,

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    blake murphy Guest

    Default Re: What is wrong with Wal-Mart fruits?

    On Sun, 3 May 2009 15:46:46 -0700, Bob Terwilliger wrote:

    > troll wrote:
    >> Most fruits at Wal-Mart appear oversized. For example the oranges,
    >> tomatoes and strawberries are double the size what you find in typical
    >> grocery stores. I know people like to bash Wal-Mart but could someone
    >> give an explanation for this?
    >> I recall reading somewhere that pretty much all fruit you find
    >> anywhere are genetically modified. So as long as the fruits at Wal-
    >> Mart taste okay it should be okay, no ?

    > Pretty good troll, seeing the response it's gotten.
    > Know what *I* heard? I heard that Wal-Mart sells globes with Israel labeled
    > as "Palestine." I also heard that they resell toys which had been donated
    > for needy kids, and that if employees want their Wal-Mart to fly an American
    > flag, the employees have to pay for the flag out of their own pockets.
    > Bob

    i heard they also inject their produce with meat solution.

    your pal,

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    Bob Bowers Guest

    Default Re: What is wrong with Wal-Mart fruits?

    Greg wrote:

    > I found San Francisco and it's inhabitants to be very insular and
    > self-absorbed, second only to Washington DC. Both places struck me as
    > more like small towns instead of cities. I find the "We're so
    > sophisticated and we are also the Center Of The Universe" attitude so
    > *very* wearying...

    My experience has been that the people from NYC or Boston are both more
    chauvinistic about their cities than the denizens of SF or DC. However, I
    think Paris is probably the world's snootiest city.


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