My wife takes her time when she eats. Ever since she was little. Not
intentionally, but she is just naturally a slow eater. Takes her
double the time to eat compared to me and the rest of her family when
she grew up. Kinda funny. Don't know why either.

Me, I wolf it down. As if I can't get it to my stomach fast enough.
Oh, I enjoy the tastes in my mouth, but at the same time I fill my
mouth up with as much food as possible (without looking like a
chipmunk or being gross or obscene about it of course).

As soon as the mouthful is about to go down I am ready to refill right
away. Almost as if I gorge myself.

I also like to make every bite almost perfect. If I am eating salad, i
cant just have lettuce on my fork and dressing, there needs to be a
sampling of everything else in the salad on the fork - 1 cherry
tomatoe, 1 or 2 pieces of crouton, some chick peas - the perfect bite.