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Thread: Welcome to my Monday breakfast world!

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    Tommy Joe Guest

    Default Re: Replacements

    On Sep 27, 7:31*pm, merryb <> wrote:

    > Yeah, probably a bad example, but hope you know what I meant...

    Yeah, I know what you meant. Examples are bad. I fall into the
    habit of using them too. It's weird, you use an example to express
    yourself and before you know it everybody's talking about the example,
    not the thing you used the example to make a point with. But I am
    sick of the underpaid teacher routine. The average teacher in our
    society contributes no more than any janitor or garbage collector or
    anyone who does a good hard job that society can't do without. I am
    not bitter or jealous about what people make (except for the screen
    actor nepotistic creeps who get on my nerves calling themselves
    artists). Even there it is not their pay that I begrudge, only the
    pay coupled with fan adoration. But I am serious, I'm not much of a
    capitalist, but we live in a society that professes to believe in it
    and abide by it - and if that is the case, then I suppose supply and
    demand is what counts. Pro football is popular, and whether we like
    the antics of those who play or not, the reality is they are the cream
    of the crop in what they do and most of them don't get out without
    injuries of some kind. They pay for their pay.


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    Tommy Joe Guest

    Default Re: Replacements

    On Sep 28, 1:09*am, sf <> wrote:

    > I just looked * I
    > think their salary is less than fair considering what the owners pay
    > players and the fact that the NFL is a multi-billion dollar business.

    I won't argue their pay, only their arrogant attitude which
    seems to imply they think they are irreplaceable when such is not the
    case. It took them time to learn. They did not come down from Planet
    Referee. They went to ref school and learned some things, then
    learned more on the job, as is the case with all who work. I'm sure
    in time the replacement guys would have learned and done a decent
    job. I think overall they did a decent job anyway. The regular refs
    make over $100,000 a year. The NFL did not argue their demand for a
    pay raise. The NFL wanted to add a few new refs to bolster the
    position and the regular refs felt threatened by it. It was not about
    money. I think the regular refs are arrogant and were praying the
    replacements would screw up to make themselves look needed. It took
    them time to learn, and new ones coming into the job learn from them
    on the job. A referee's job is tough. But surely they are more
    easily replaceable than the players. I think they make enough as is.
    But I don't care what anyone makes as long as I have a roof over my
    head and enough to eat. I'm not a bitter jealous asshole who hates
    people who have more money than me.


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