It took long enough, but warm weather has finally made it to Seattle.
Friday night I put SO on a flight to Miami so he could deal with his
mother's condo. Prior to driving to the airport, we had dinner at a
small Indonesian restaurant in the neighborhood. Excellent food. We
both had mini-rijstafels with beef rendang, vegetables and tofu in a
coconut milk sauce, and a good corn fritter. The latter was a flat lacy
pancake of mostly corn kernels. It was so good that I may never eat
hush puppies again.

Now that SO is safely ensconced in Miami, the zucchini festival has
begun! I picked up 4 at a produce stand on my way back from the
Triathlon team walk/2nd breakfast Saturday morning. I had one as a side
with a lamb shoulder chop braised with tomato, fava beans, and red wine
(shiraz, not chianti). I have to go to a potluck on Tuesday night, so I
may make some zucchini bread.

Tonight's dinner will be chicken. I found a recipe for grilled chicken
with sweet and sour sherry sauce in one of the Minimalist cookbooks, but
I'm not particularly hungry--or motivated to do much cooking, since I
spent 2 hours whacking at the front yard this afternoon. I've also
declared today the beginning of iced tea season, and made up a pitcher
for personal consumption.

It's pretty quiet here without SO. Our elder statescat was scratching
on the office door Friday night looking for him. The other cat is
staying near me for company. I'm not used to being able to rummage in
the closet for my clothes in the morning, since he's generally sound
asleep at that time--or trying to be. He'll be back next Saturday. Ten
days after his return, I leave for NY for my college reunion and a
family visit, so he can have an anchovy festival in my absence.


C.J. Fuller

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