A couple of weeks ago I posted that I was looking for a toaster oven (Thanks
to those who responded.) The one I chose was an Oster; not because it got
great reviews because it didn't. It got the same mediocre reviews that most
toaster ovens get. I bought it because Costco sells it and I can return it
within 90 days for a full refund if I'm not happy with it. I don't have to
wait 30 minutes to talk to a rude customer service person, only to be told
that I have to send it to their repair center at my expense. I just put it
in my car the next time I go to Costco.

The reviews on Amazon are littered with: It worked well for the first (fill
in the blank) days and then it died; either the timer stopped working, or
the door wouldn't close, or the handle came loose or whatever. There is no
more quality control.

I bought an Aroma Rice Cooker from Costco. Six weeks after I bought it the
rice cooker stopped working. I took it back, without the receipt which I had
lost, and got a full refund. Costco has my account on their computer so I
didn't need a receipt.

I did checkout the $170 Farberware. It had 8 reviews. Out of the 8, only a
couple of people were really happy with it. Here's a sample: "It arrived
with a broken light and had to be replaced, most of the top is dented in. I
replaced the light but it is still crooked and the dent is impossible to
fix. I have been able to set the temp but not the timer as it shuts off
before the food is cooked."

Hey lady, what do you expect for a lousy $170? Something that actually
works? No thanks; I'll buy my toaster oven locally with a 90 day
"no-questions-asked" return policy.