Do you know how to supplement vitamins? Vitamin capsules may not be the
best idea. Why not cook something for yourself with vegetables rich in
First, squeeze carrots and spinach with juicer; pour the two juice into
2 portions of flour separately and mix them well; next, with a flour
presser, you can press the 2 flour doughs into thin pieces of noodles.
Finally, cook those vegetable mixed noodles with boiling water and add
some condiments.
Why to choose carrots and spinach? Carrots contain a lot of vitamin B1,
vitamin B2, vitamin C, carbohydrates as well as protein, calcium, etc.
As for spinach, it is also rich in various nutrients and vitamins,
especially for VC.
Vegetable noodles can be taken as a 'health food'
( Maybe vegetables are
the most safe way to take vitamins for those who are in need.