Last night we had a sirloin in the fridge that D picked up in the used
meat (AKA marked down) section of the grocery. This is how I cooked

Marinated in salt, lime juice, and ground anchos. Seared it on both
sides and finished it to medium rare in the oven. While it rested, I
built a pan sauce by reducing the marinade in the skillet (stainless,
so non reactive), adding some beef stock (homemade, no added salt),
and adding enough honey to cut the acidity of the limes.

Sliced the meat thin and plated it with the reduced sauce. On top I
set a little mango salsa cruda (diced mango, diced apple, minced
radish, minced red onion, minced jalapeno, salt, lime juice,

Sides were a marinated garbanzo salad, oven roasted zucchini, and
baked sweet potato.

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