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Thread: It turned out very well

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    elaich Guest

    Default It turned out very well

    I saw someone post a recipe for chicken breasts with asparagus spears and
    cheese inside.

    I went to market Monday, and found very 4 large deboned chicken thighs on
    sale for less than $5. The same market had fresh asparagus on sale for
    $1.99 a pound. A plan comes together.

    The original recipe calls for cheddar chesse, but since I like pepper jack
    better, I used that.

    First batch didn't come out so well. These huge thighs needed more than 30
    minutes in the oven at 350 to get done.

    I modified it thusly - cook the thighs in the oven, covered to preserve the
    moisture, until done by the meat thermometer. Blanch the asparagus until
    almost done, using only the tips, in boiling water.

    Put the cooked tips into the boned out cavity, add the grated cheese, bind
    the whole thing up using skewers or twine, and then bake at 350 just long
    enough for the cheese to melt and the flavors to merge.

    The asparagus and chicken make a nice flavor combination. It's a keeper.

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    elaich Guest

    Default Re: It turned out very well

    "cybercat" <[email protected]> wrote in
    news:gnk15l$pn2$[email protected]:

    > Thighs sound so much better to me. I make chicken breasts all the time
    > because my husband likes them. I don't overcook, so they are juicy and
    > good, but I prefer dark meat. And I love asparagus. I think I'll try
    > this, thanks.

    The tastes go very nicely together.

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