FOR 12lb 10% water added Safeway $5.00 turkey
Salted as per dry brine recipe[s] for 60 hours in Hefty bag as tightly
wrapped as possible.
Then the turkey was rinsed, and air dried for 12 hours.
Rubbed skin throughout with rendered bacon fat.
Roasted without stuffing breast side down indirectly at 350F indirectly on
22" Weber grill to thigh temp. of 170F.
Rested 40 minutes in 110F warming oven while the stuffing was made.

One of the very best turkeys we've had. Breast very moist, very flavorful,
and not over salty in spite of the "water added" an the dry salt. When you
brine, wet or dry, there is a lot more than the simple equilibration of salt
and water on either side of the turkey muscle. Here's a good article about
We'll definitely do this again.

Happer Day of Recovery,