Yesterday after picking Dear Grandson up at school, I drove
30 miles through Friday afternoon traffic (ugh) to pick up
some parts from a machine shop that our production people
will need first thing Monday morning.

Because Grandson was in a particularly mellow mood. we
stopped at the only Penzey's in Colorado, about 1/4 mile
from the parts pickup location.

I turned in my coupon for sweet curry powder from their ONE
magazine and bought a few more items (Mexican oregano, dill
weed, orange extract, cayenne, and I can't remember what else.)

Meanwhile the six year old had discovered a large bowl of
pretzels on the counter and was in ecstasy over them. I
tasted and they were quite good, flavorful but not salty as
I expected. I asked what they had done to them and the
woman said they were seasoned with buttermilk ranch dressing
spice and she didn't know what else. It tasted as though
they had been tossed with melted butter and baked briefly
also. They were really good and I can honestly say I don't
really like pretzels except the hot, soft kind. (Auntie
Anne's jalapeno pretzels in particular.)

Of course I bought some of the ranch dressing mix and will
try to reproduce the end product the next time I need to
provide some kind of snacks.

gloria p
who doesn't mind driving all the way to Arvada for work
because of the usual Penzey's stop