I was just sitting here, obviously running short on things to think about
since I was thinking about why most people only use table salt or sea salt
in their cooking. My friend and I were discussing the use of MSG in food
and he said he didn't worry about it because it's just another form of
sodium. Made sense to me...in moderation, you know, like anything. So I
use a little salt, and a little MSG, depending on what I'm cooking.
Actually, I don't use straight MSG. I might season my taco meat with that
Knorr beef bouillon powder in a plastic cannister. It's salted with MSG,
not plain old salt, so you get the MSG, AND the added beef flavoring.

Anyway, then on my own I wondered about sodium bicarbonate. We already
put it in buttermilk biscuits & pancakes, so we already eat some there.
You can't add the extra salty flavor to those items by using baking soda
or the recipe won't turn out right. But what about salting your tuna
casserole with it? LOL I know it might sound stupid, but who knows... we
might not be getting enough of some secret ingredient that would reduce
body odor and scrub the fat out of our bodies.