The breathless pain, because of the heart pain, appears when someone
is doing the activity of the physically work, for example: walking,
going up the stairs, sweeping, washing and the other specific
activities. On the other hand, when someone undergoes the
psychologically disturbance, for example: surprise, shock, fear,
stress and the other similar things. For those who have been in the
serious condition, this disease can appear any time.
Some trouble symptoms of the heart are:
1. The left chest feels pain (like jabbed or crumbled up)
2. The pain flows from the chest to the left arm.
3. The pain also felt on the left back.
4. Shocking easily, worrying and palpitating.
5. Awakening from sleeping, the chest feels palpitating.
6. The body often feels weak as if powerless.
7. The breath feels breathless, similar with the lung disturbance.
8. The palm and the feet have water, cold and pale.
9. The certain nerves in the left chest undergo pain compressed.

These are several tips for prevention and healing:
What needs to do to avoid contaminating the heart pain?
1. Avoid the coconut mink food, fatty and high cholesterol.
2. Avoid the food of the ‘jerohan’ type (kind of the animal viscera)
and the ‘fast food / the delicious food’. Consume the food according
to the understanding and the hygiene. You are better to balance
between the vegetables and the meats.
3. Control the emotion in the daily life.
4. Do the sport routinely, although only light sport. Jogging
appropriately, it is better than walking fast.

What should be done if you are too late for undergoing the heart pain?
1. Normalization of PENNASIA obviates you from the dependency of the
medicine, and the side effects of the medicine consumed in the long
2. Do the activities as usual as possible, listen to the phone tinkle,
and do not walk in a hurry.
3. Do the special light sport for the heart healthy.
4. Avoid the heavy sport as weight lifting, or the sport, which has
character of chasing as the badminton, tennis, because those sports
are unfavourable.
5. Avoid the heavy work as porter, coolie, digging, because those
activities are unfavourable.

Hopefully the sufferers of this illness will get well soon.
And additional information: in a few days later, Pennasia
Normalization will launch Technique of Diabetes Therapy for free
charge in my site. You can tell your friends or someone that suffers
diabetes about this good information. Good luck and God bless you!!


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