Tempura teaches us that yam, sweet potato, carrot, green bean, broccoli and
many other vegetables are quite good when dipped in soy based dipping

I still had some yellow squash (crookneck) from the big sale where I scored
the short ribs.

I was grilling one of the Tri-Tips and needed to use up the squash. Out
came the mandoline and I sliced away. Under normal circumstances I would
just paint some EVOO and season with balsamic & grill away. This time I
decided to paint on some soy sauce and a little vegetable oil.

When the tri tip was done & resting comfortably in foil I cranked up the
heat and grilled the squash -OMG the results were a delight. I think there
is much more soy - vegetable experimentation to come.


Penne Rigate Autunnale